I’ve been in a food funk lately. Uninspired and unmotivated to cook. It’s not a pretty place when what you do is blog about food. So when I was in the produce aisle yesterday and spotted this purple and green cloud of leafy goodness winking at me, I was thrilled CHINESE MEDICENT.

Salad Savoy is like cabbage, kale, and broccoli all rolled into one. Raw, it has spicy notes that remind me of eating raw broccoli. Lightly sauteed, it has a mild cabbage taste. It’s wonderful fast lose weight.

I simply added a pat of butter onto each tilapia filet, put a slice of lemon on each pat of butter, sprinkled sea salt on top, and baked the tilapia at 400 degrees until it was done. No need to fuss or get really fancy with dinner sometimes, folks. saladsavoy

I recommend cutting off the stalks of the leaves completely, because they’re pretty tough. I imagine egg rolls, salad savoy chips, smoothies, and colorful salads in my  future. If you are interested, look near the cabbage in your produce aisle gucci outlet online.

I cut a jalapeno

I’m having a love affair lately with pickled jalapenos. If you haven’t noticed, they’ve been in like 3 of the past 5 recipes. It’s the vinegary pickled-ness + spice…just omg, so amazing. Plus, when you touch your eyes after handling pickled jalpenos, they don’t turn to fireballs in your head like when you do with fresh ones. And, um, I somehow do that every.single.time I cut a jalapeno elyze.

So let’s talk about hash + gluten free living. As one of my last posts with Udi’s, I wanted to touch on the basics of gluten free living again like we did over some amaretto fudge cookies in the winter. I was walking the aisles of Trader Joe’s last night and was literally floored at the amount of gluten free options in the frozen breakfast foods section. I mean, there was practically everything you could eat for breakfast in a gluten free version from waffles to pancakes to hash browns to burritos. And while I think it’s awesome there are that many options today for people that need to eat gluten free, I also kind of hate that it just promotes the “easy way out” of grabbing pre-made food. Bringing me to the most basic of things when we talking about gluten free living: EAT REAL FOOD elyze.

If I had a tagline for this site, that would be it or, one of them. I don’t have one because I can’t actually decide on the many forcefully tough love kind of statements about good/real food I like. But seriously, I’ve been in so many conversations whether online during twitter parties or casually in real life conversations with people that have a much lower food understanding (and I mean that at face value not in a mean or cocky kind of way) about the topic of “gluten free” and one of the questions that ALWAYS comes up is “what are good gluten free replacements for xyz?”

And I get it, sometimes you just want that exact same thing in gluten free form whether it be a waffle or bread or bagel or cracker (and yay for living in a time where there are plenty of options) but, I think so many people think of what they can’t have or how to replace whatever that is with something else rather than thinking of what they can have, real food.

There are still entire food groups intact that are gluten free. Vegetables, meats (bacon!), dairy, nuts…so chill with the gluten free label a bit and rethink the possibilities. Being gluten free doesn’t have to always mean eating something stamped with the label “gf” on the outside of the packagingbioderma matricium.

Does a pancake breakfast really sound as good as these spicy jalapeno cilantro hash stuffed portobellos? Because they happen to be gluten free too and they didn’t come from a gluten free labeled box.