muddy potato peels

I didn’t necessarily go out of my way to avoid fava beans. If they were in a dish that was placed before me, I ate them. I just didn’t set unyielding sights on them when they appeared on a menu or at the market. And I certainly didn’t feel the need to cook with something that was rumored to be “difficult” to work with in the kitchen; I’ve got “difficult to work with” covered just cooking with myself place to visit in hong kong.

This is the first time I’ve ever cooked fava beans, and it is true. Fava beans are more difficult to work with than, oh, say, canned chickpeas. But accusing fava beans of fussiness because you have to shuck the small inside beans out of the fur-lined pods, then peel each bean of its thin, pale skin seems a stretch. Peeling potatoes, cleaning mushrooms, and rinsing spinach are kitchen jobs that are much worse 香港 社員旅行, but they don’t have the same reputation. And I sure don’t feel a therapeutic sense of accomplishment when I look at a plastic grocery bag full of muddy potato peels.

So yes, fava beans require some work. So does this recipe, which seems unnecessarily complicated for a simple puree. But like love and so many other things in life, if it’s worth it, you gotta work it.

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