And with affection a total of white head

Every winter, it felt a real touch to the years, winter, a thin cool, there is warm sun, there will be some wind will wake up to read, this time, the eyes of the world is bright, such as accompanied by people around, Warm greetings, this world knows, only the heart knows that time in the understanding, the course of time deep.

You said, your world in the snow, so I through the season, facing the wind, bring flowers, to decorate your pavilion, imagine your footsteps hurried, snow and snow return, surrounded by a fire, Poetry, such a day, there are incense and warm, but only, if the paradox in my poem. Plain white time, we are not brave, always rushed to the life in their own want, but has been giving up, like the beginning of time, in full bloom, how many meet shipping to Amazon FBA, to retain the share of silence white?

This world there is always a person, gentle your years, amazing your time. Maybe he just walked you through the road, maybe he just gave you warm. Some flowers, we have so eager for it in full bloom, but it eventually or prematurely withered, like the phrase, love deep, love early, not as good as love was just right.

A long time, how many people are worth in the flowers in the miss; in the fireworks to spend; in the years to know each other? Some people only fit in the heart, some people are suitable to accompany in the side.

White Plum said that in this bizarre world, no one can spend the days flies, always in the impermanence of the earth, the word does not matter, should this life, there will always be such a person, you cook a furnace for his warm incense , He put your red armbands all over air freight from china, even if the wind Piaoyu down, but also Wushen if the water, more vicissitudes of life, but also live up to live TING Qing, then I hope this person is you, so I wait for you to I, went to a feast of boiled plum wine.

Love is not only words, but warm companionship, love no sound, but you will eventually hear, years only after grinding, life can sand into beads, love through time grinding, can fit life, the most beautiful love, A pair of hands never betray, to the depths of time.

I believe that destined people will always meet, like flowers meet the spring, snow and winter meet, and, for example, the next intersection, met you, gently Road, the original you are here, the share of deja vu, Let the full moon is a poem, the moon is also missing paintings. Some fate, to use a long time to witness the thin heart in autumn love, in the winter snow will run the study.

Time in the most beautiful, is to encounter a bloom, and a just good people. If life is a way, because met, all the sun and the moon, are like their appearance, this way, the mountain a course of water a way to go, are to one day be able to stop, and so a soul similar People, warm a meet.

Quiet good years, there will always be blooming, no matter how life will be spent through the regret, I am not afraid of ordinary days, I’m afraid not a warm, with you holding the hands of years, through the sun and the moon, , Even if the time is wasted, I am willing to do that spend the time and way of the people, in the eyes of time, filled with your heart and years of years.

Often think, intentions embroidered time, mind, is hidden in the warm, perhaps a person’s facial features, perhaps with him on the sun and the moon unusual. Long years, with the meaning of deep meaning line, embroidered four-phase relative to the initial see, embroidered Xiangxi Xiangxi of the two affection, stitch, are affection, together a fall, are life.

Quiet time, pick a lamp flower, the moonlight, it will overflow waiting for the warmth of the day poem, you are the most beautiful poem rhyme angle, time will eventually be old, old in your facial features, the old in the day, The life of the face to see the old, the life of the embroidery of the old, the landscape of life to see over, inscribed, you made snow, but affectionately as yesterday, I do not language, smile to gifts.

Years in the possession of winter attachment, if you carefully read, read a landscape, read a snowflake, read a Hongmei, read as an elegant poem. Time to own his good intentions, so I waited, and so Xuela, and plum opened, you will come, and I sat, listening to snow rustled to fall, drink a cup of tea, the heart will give birth to the number of warm meaning? This time will grow old, time will eventually become pure white. Those who walk with the story, will you like me to cook the cabbage soup, become natural, appropriate, in the yellow time writing in mind.

Every walk in this world, the heart must have a love, so that he can in this fickle world, affectionately alive. And I deep, not vows, not romantic, but close to the share of fireworks warm, always feel romantic but deliberately create feelings, and oil is the most natural life, love will be placed in the heart, Time is old, still in the mind of the space, blooming flowers, Yunjuanyunshu, even salt rice salt, but also tea can be goods, things vicissitudes, I love you this chapter alone.

In the time, the leaves look down, the flowers incense, the water to see small, they like the simple, the old days flies, will generate warmth. Winter comes, they feel that life is not necessary to catch the road, just filled with a dawn, a dusk, there is a you. Snow days, the snow with your attachment, side by side. Or, the warm sun reflected in the window, I read your name low, your joy, then on the brow.

So long for the winter evening, the window is plum blossom snow, the house, tea lingering, I sit with you, say a few years of gossip, so, unfortunately as usual, Xi Jun as usual, any time old, , White head.


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