How does Andreani, an Argentine logistics pioneer, build a cloud logistics system?

Andreani, a logistics conglomerate from Argentina, has the largest logistics infrastructure in Argentina, founded in 1945. The business sector involves logistics, pharmaceuticals, communications technology and real estate, covering Argentina and Brazil. This is the opening line of Andreani IT and the director of logistics processes, Gustavo Echenique, at the 2017 huawei full connectivity conference, “business management, building a streamlined business engine".
How does Andreani, an Argentine logistics pioneer, build a cloud logistics system?
Andreani IT and logistics director Gustavo Echenique
On the day of the general assembly, Gustavo Echenique delivered a speech entitled “the process of comprehensive cloud-based flow". “For the sake of business growth, the IT systems of global logistics companies are accelerating the transformation." Gustavo said. As an innovative benchmark in Argentina’s logistics industry, Andreani has been actively engaged in trying new technologies to promote the continuous innovation of its IT business.
Andreani have multiple branches in Argentina, at present, the business has been extended to the field of electronic commerce, by electric business platform, Andreani can provide multinational companies with complete, personalized e-commerce service solution, help customers to optimize process, storage, preparation of the goods, and cargo tracking. There are thousands of Andreani’s clients, including santander and HP. However, with the growth of business volume, the original IT capability was obviously insufficient, and Andreani faced the choice of cloud.
In the process, Andreani is not only looking for cloud service providers, but also looking for technical partners to help design and think about technological innovation and cloud transformation. “After a period of testing and comparison, Telefonica and huawei left a deep impression on us in the cloud technology, Internet and service response. As a result, Andreani eventually chose Open Cloud as a service provider for his Cloud transformation. Gustavo said.
In October 2016, huawei and Telefonica enterprise Solutions (Telefonica Business Solutions) hand in hand in Chile, Brazil and Mexico issued Telefonica Open Cloud public Cloud services, and extended to Peru, Argentina and the United States in 2017. The launch of the Open Cloud has established a partnership between the two sides to help traditional enterprise IT. Based on the terms of cooperation between the two parties, huawei provides innovative software and hardware solutions including server, storage, network and Cloud operating system, and provides professional technical support for Open Cloud.
Gustavo introduced the Open Cloud public Cloud service to solve the four business bottlenecks of Andreani. First of all, it solved the multi-cloud management of Andreani, which did not have a unified platform, which improved the operation efficiency. Secondly, it provides an elastic and scalable resource for e-commerce platform to enhance user experience; Third, for the SAP ERP system provides the service support of local cloud service node, and to meet its guarantee real-time logistics system stable demands of MPLS connected line, improve the user experience and network application system delay. Fourth, help Andreani’s WMS DC cloud. Reduce overall TCO cost, dual AZ backup, ensure service uninterrupted.
According to the introduction, Andreani is divided into three stages of the overall Cloud migration, first of all moving the e-commerce platform to the Open Cloud, and dealing with the user experience of the peak of black Friday and other marketing summits; Secondly, the SAP system can improve the development experience and efficiency of the internal production environment. Huawei and Telefonica helped Andreani design a double – living architecture to solve the problem of disaster tolerance. In addition, it based Open architecture of the Open Cloud support the warehouse management system (integrate all bearing the core of the key business systems), earned Andreani a complete hybrid Cloud solution, save the cost.
“At present, Andreani’s overall Cloud planning is in the second phase, and Andreani believes that Andreani will continue to lead the logistics field under the current Open Cloud technology solution." Gustavo said


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